The Top Ten City Of Oaks Prospects

Zavian McLean

Xavien McLean, G, Village Christian-Columbia University

Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas, SF, Village Christian

Jaylon Gibson

Jaylon Gibson, C, Grace Christian

Carter Whitt

Carter Whitt, 1G, Leesville Road HS

Bobby Pettiford

Bobby Pettiford, 1G, South Granville HS

Elijah Jamison

Elijah Jamison, G, Louisburg HS

Nik Graves

Nik Graves, 1G, Durham Academy

Kaleb Scott

Kaleb Scott, PF, Holly Springs HS

Toby Harris, 2G/SF, Durham Academy

Evan Joyner

Evan Joyner, SF, Piedmont Classical.


The “Next 10” City Of Oaks Prospects

Keeyan Itejere, BF, Grace Christian

Josh Reed, PF, Village Christian.

Trent McIntyre

Trent McIntyre, 1G, Piedmont Classical

Kobe Jones, SF, South Granville HS

Deon Daniels, 2G, Leesville Road HS

Micah Jones, G, South Granville HS

Max Robertson, G/F, Holly Springs HS

Jamarii Thomas

Jamarii Thomas, 1G, Piedmont Classical

Jonas Aiido, C, Voyager Academy

Caleb Farrish, F, Piedmont Clasical, Greensboro, NC

Jalen Joiner,, Piedmont Classical


15 more City Of Oaks Prospects

Holden Buchanan, PF, Voyager Academy

Chase Hakerem, 1G,  Leesville Road HS

Stefon McLeod

Stefon McLeod, 2G, Grace Christian

Dante Kiesenhofer, BF, Holly Springs HS

DreShawn Brown, 1G, Piedmont Clasical

Cole Sinclair, 2G, Durham Academy

Jalen Walker

Jalen Walker, SF, Grace Christian

Amare Miller, F, Piedmont Classical

Collin Tanner, 2G, South Granville HS

Ben Gruden

Ben Gruden, 1G, Holly Springs HS

Gary Williams, 2G, Holly Springs HS

Michael Kaleta

Michael Kaleta, 2G, Grace Christian

Jordan Kearney, 1G, Holly Springs HS

Erik Kronstad, C, Voyager Academy

Houston Wills

Houston Wills, 2G, Holly Springs HS

Adam Roeder, C, Durham Academy

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