Five Bigs and Four Big Forwards from 2019 at the U.S. Prep Nationals

Five Bigs and Four Big Forwards from 2019 at the U.S. Prep Nationals at North Myrtle

Five Bigs from 2019 at U.S. Prep National Tournament

Justin Johannessen

Justin Johannessen, 6-10 225, C, Prep, Bull City Prep
I was impressed with this big man from Canada, who only arrived in Durham about a month ago. I really liked his footwork and his patience in the low post. He runs well and he runs hard. I was really impressed that he played with an enthusiasm and confidence that I must admit, somewhat surprised me. I love his upside.

Jacco Fritz

Jacco Fritz, 6-10 210, C, 2019, DME Sports Academy Blue
The big man from the Netherlands is very good. He scores well, he rebounds well and he’s pretty solid defensively as well. One thing that will help every aspect of his game will be the addition of strength.

Dishon Thomas, 6-9 235, C, 2019, Hillcrest Prep, Phoenix, AZ
The big guy runs well and he has good strength and good hands as well. He is a solid rebounder and defender. Offensively, he has a good facing stroke from 15-16 feet. He also is a capable scorer inside.

Antonio Kemkeng

Antonio Kemkeng, 6-9 225, C, 2019, DME Sports Acad. Blue
This big guy from France was the fourth big man for his team, but when he got in the game, I was impressed with his effort. He’s strong and he runs well. He’s just beginning to have a feel for the inside banging inside.

Anderson Mirambeaux

Anderson Mirambeaux, 6-8 349, C, 2019, Teays Valley, Christian
The big guy runs well for a man his size. The native Dominican from the capital of Santo Domingo moves surprisingly well. He rebounds well land he scores on the blocks. His biggest flaw is that he shoots a few too many from the arc.


Four Big Forwards from 2019

Jalyn McCreary, 6-8 215, PF, 2019, Legacy Early College, Spartanburg, SCI was super impressed this lefty’s touch, strength and verticality. He is virtually unstoppable when he gets to his left hand inside and he has good touch from 16-17 feet as well. When it comes to finishing in transition, or after drives, his throw-down jams were as impressive as I’ve seen since last summer.

Julian Savoury, 6-8 215, PF, 2019i, Mount Zion Christian, Durham, NCThis bouncy young man from the northeast played really well. He’s all over the boards on both ends of the court and he has good touch to 16 feet. Daniel Lobach, 6-7 210, PF, 2019, Moravian Prep, Hudson, NC

Daniel Lobach, 6-7 210, PF, 2019, Moravian Prep, Hudson, NC
This young man from Durham, North Carolina may have shown more improvement than any player I’ve seen all year. I’d seen him at a couple of one-day showcase events and he was a passive forward, who played listlessly. When I first saw him at Moravian in October, I was amazed at his transformation into an aggressive Big Forward, who was stronger and who was playing with much greater effort than when I’d seen him in June. He’s stronger, playing harder and he is a good, facing shooter to the arc.

Jaydon Cousin, 6-7 235, PF, 2019, DME PG Orange, Daytona Beach, FLThis Power Forward showed me that he was aggressive on the boards and has good touch in the paint and from 15-16 feet. He’s close to qualifying and if were a LM program with a couple of scholarships left, I might save one for this strong young man, who runs pretty well for size and who, in my opinion, has a good upside.’



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