Mike Talbott
Mike Talbott

Welcome to StarHoopers Scouting Services

StarHoopers high school basketball scouting was established in 1994.

To give you a little background, I played high school basketball at Bartlett Yancey High School in Yanceyville, North Carolina in the 70’s. I entered Middle Tennessee State University in the fall of 1974 and roomed with my high school All-American teammate Sleepy Taylor, but my college sport was baseball.

I got to know the MTSU coaches thanks to Sleepy.  Soon after, they asked me to be a student assistant basketball coach. So from 1976 to 1978, I learned about scouting services and college basketball recruiting.

I accepted a job at my alma mater, Bartlett Yancy, in 1987 as an assistant basketball coach to my former coach, Lindsey Page. During this time I began coaching AAU basketball and actually started my own AAU basketball team in 1982, which featured all Bartlett Yancey players with the exception of former North Carolina player Curtis Hunter.

I joined the army in August of 1984 and ran sports programs at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York and at Fort Greely, Alaska until 1987 when I again became an assistant basketball coach at Bartlett Yancey.

In 1994, after attending the AAU17U national tournament at Wake Forest University, I decided to start my scouting service.

My fair and unbiased assessments of players has been the trademark of StarHoopers for over 25 years.  Players will rise and fall in player rankings but the most important thing for a player is to play hard and work to improve. Your size, athleticism, God-given ability, experience, and grades, will have a lot to do with whether you play college basketball or not and if so on what level.

I encourage all players that dream of playing at the college level to do their best and hit the books.

I encourage you to send me links to your highlights and game film.